The Mindset Behind Coaching

The Mindset Behind Coaching

Written By: Evan Whitemyer


Finding true passion in life is really hard. Every great coach has found a true passion for teaching and mentoring others in the realms of sports, fitness, and health. For me, coaching has always been amazing because I am able to learn about something I love and then share that knowledge with hundreds of people. Knowledge is useless if we never have a conversation about it, share it, or teach it to others. As a coach I see the information I’ve learned help me mentor people into doing things they never thought they could do. Information I have learned has helped me transform people.

The most amazing gift I could ever ask for is seeing someone become the person they’ve always wanted to be. I recently reached out to many coaches who I look up to and asked what motivates them, and why they continue to work so hard to help others. Reading all of the messages sent to me was inspiring. I believe a lot of coaches share more similarities than we think. Among the many responses I received, there were five themes that continued to pop up that I believe all coaches share.


Service to others

Serving others is selfless, noble, and often very demanding. Being willing to drop everything to help someone can take a toll on a person. The coaches who believe that their purpose on Earth is to selflessly serve others are a special breed of people.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose of life is to give it away. I fully believe that my goal is to serve others. I work everyday to improve my craft so I can help others.” -Dr. Aaron Horschig

“We stay motivated each day by understanding that we are doing a selfless job in terms that we are positively impacting someone’s life.” -Bobby Zhang


Seeing others accomplish their goals

Coaches are often athletes, and we all love the feeling of hitting a new personal record, smashing goals, and growing as individuals. The transition from athlete to coach allows that passion and intensity to remain the same, but now as a mentor.

“Nothing is better than seeing the smiling face of an athlete after accomplishing their goal. Not to mention coaching an athlete brings with it the responsibility to help the athletes become better men and women. For me I want them to learn how to be awesome husbands and wives from the example I set with my wife. I want them to learn to be awesome parents based on the example I set with my children.” –Travis Mash

“If an interaction can help another person out or at least make that person’s day a little bit better or whatever if it improves that person at all and they have gratitude for what I’ve done in my opinion there’s nothing quite like that” -Zack Telander

“Motivation has never been a problem for me as a coach, as my passion is helping others. At the end of the day our clients and athletes successes are our successes as coaches. And helping people never gets old.” –Dr. John Rusin


Spreading positivity

Being a positive person is never an unwelcome thing. Being the person who consistently has a smile on their face, likes to laugh, and is happy to work their ass off is an amazing thing to be. Being able to spread that positivity is challenging, but the rewards are far greater.

“If I had to point to one factor that keeps coaches motivated…it would be the impact you can make. The ability to provide the best hour of someone’s day, to see life changing results not only physical but mental. As humans (most) of us have a desire to add value for others, to have a positive influence. We have the opportunity every day to do this on a large scale at the gym.” -Jason Khalipa

“Your role as a coach is to show, through action, how to be the absolute best version of yourself… in hopes of others following suit.” –Sage Burgener

“Doing things and sharing yourself with others is so much more fun than trying to do it all yourself!” -Bobby West


Motivation to be a healthier person

Chronic diseases affect people all over the world, and a consistent workout regimen and good diet can be the best ways to battle diseases everywhere. Coaches are motivated to continue working to help others overcome disease, prevent injuries, and stay healthy.

“If health is the greatest wealth, then we, as coaches, are the truest financial advisors.” -Karl Eagleman

“A coach is important because most people lack the ability to see where they need improvement. A coach’s role is to make people better humans and I think that role is both physical and emotional.” –Zach Long


Coaching is what we love to do

One of the best motivators for any job is pure passion for the job. Whether you are striving to be the best politician in the world or the best musician in your orchestra, true passion for the job you are doing will increase your success. A few years ago I decided to take a more positive outlook on everything I was doing in life, and doing a better job of being positive and attacking each day with a purpose. Doing so has improved my mood, career, and life.

“Always put the best version of yourself out there. Bring that passion into every single class and especially if you ever want anything to happen for you in your life beyond coaching you have to coach the f*** out of those classes.” -Ryan Fischer

have the ability to enhance the mental and emotional well-being of our members as well. When you think of this impact, and the fact that your job is never truly done, that provides all the motivation I could ever need.” -Justin Wright

“I always try to remind myself that the vast majority of people are not as fortunate to be able to call their work meaningful and it gives me great drive to make sure I earn my right to work as a professional in this industry. That means always striving to get better and deliver the highest quality coaching and education to my clients” -Marcus Filly

Coaching has been and always will be a gift to both athletes and coaches. Seeing someone achieve their goals, become healthier, and become a more positive person is rewarding as a coach. Having the power to guide others to self-improvement and eventually see them excelling in life is what coaching is all about. Coaches don’t work tirelessly for themselves. They do it for others.

Thank you to all the coaches I spoke to about their motivations for coaching! Check out the list below to give them a follow on Instagram!


  • Ryan Fischer (@ryanfisch), Owner of CrossFit Chalk and multi-year CrossFit Games Regionals athlete
  • Bobby West (@moveubobby) of the MoveUProgram
  • Dr. Aaron Horschig (@squat_university) of Squat University, Publisher of “The Squat Bible”
  • Travis Mash (@coachtravismash), Founder of Mash Elite Performance and world champion powerlifter
  • Justin Wright (@trainedwright), Head Coach at CrossFit Invictus Boston
  • Bobby Zhang (@cronusfit), a Former member of the 75th Ranger Regiment and co-founder of CronusFit
  • Zack Telander (@coach_zt) of Brazos Valley Barbell
  • Zach Long (@thebarbellphysio) of Onward Charlotte
  • Marcus Filly (@marcusfilly) of Revival Strength, Multi-year CrossFit Games Athlete
  • Sage Burgener (@sageburgener), CrossFit Weightlifting Coach
  • Dr. John Rusin (@drjohnrusin), world renowned strength coach and creator of The Pain-Free Performance Specialist Certification
  • Karl Eagleman (@whiteboard_daily), Creator of @whiteboard_daily
  • Jason Khalipa (@jasonkhalipa), 2008 CrossFit Games Champion and owner of NCFit