Nick’s Story

Nick’s Story

Being a young business owner, at the age of 22, many might wonder how I have got here and what my background is. Here is a quick story about myself to help you understand who I am and where I come.

Born and raised and in Hanover, MA. I have always been passionate about sports. Growing up I played football, baseball, basketball, and lacrosse. In highschool it narrowed down to football, basketball and lacrosse. I played football all four years and was named a captain my senior year, an accomplishment I still hold close to this day; I have always considered myself a leader. In my senior year playing lacrosse, I tore my ACL and meniscus, which was a huge setback for the college football career I hoped to have.

After a long process of rehab and overcoming MRSA, I tore my ACL on my other knee,and reinjured my recently repaired knee, after being struck by a vehicle one late night after working in the city. This was a sign to me that perhaps college football was just not meant to be apart of my destiny. So, I took it as a challenge and rehabbed my tail off till I was good enough to return to athletics. That’s just about when a good friend decided to drag me into CrossFit class- which I had been extremely reluctant to do, but after all of this transpired I figured, “what else do I have to lose”.

Starting CrossFit was very humbling for me, as I know it is for most. I had been an avid “gym rat” for most of my teenage years because I knew it would give me an edge in sports. I honestly have always been passionate about my health and fitness; putting my family on a nutrition plan when I was about 13, and starting to cut breads and other processed food out of our household are just a few examples.

I instantly fell in love with CrossFit. In just six months, I was in better shape and seeing more results from my hard work than I ever had in all my years of training. I decided to quit my three jobs I had at the time and go for my Level 1 trainer cert. I took on a few intern and developmental roles at other CrossFit gyms, but finally found a home at CrossFit South Shore (where I was a member) when Jon Flight called me and told me he had a coaching position open!

CrossFit has since been my passion and allowed me to dive deeper into creating a career in the fitness industry. I have worked as a coach at both CrossFit Bridgewater and CrossFit South Shore, learning from two awesome owners and head coaches on how to care for member’s fitness; and to make sure they get the best possible experience they can when they take a class with me. I have also gone on to further my education, getting USA weightlifting sports and performance coach Lvl.1 certified, training and receiving a Healthy Steps Nutrition certification, and I am sure there will be many more to come!

As an owner I hope to inspire my members and staff to chase after their fitness goals and work to become mentally and physically stronger. With the help of my mentors, one of them being my business partner, Jason Caldas, I know that we can do some great things at CrossFit South Shore and make the experience people receive One-Of-A-Kind!