Pandemic or Opportunity

By Nicholas Sarruda This post is being written at 10am on a Tuesday morning from my kitchen table. Now normally, at 10am on a Tuesday I can be found inside of CrossFit South Shore, helping out members, calling new members, and working on my business however possible. However, over the last few weeks we have been thrown a major curveball that has changed all of that. This moment in time and the COVID-19 virus itself, are a major injury to the wo

Do you have Grit?

Written By: Nicholas Sarruda This post was originally written as an email to the community of CrossFit South Shore in 2018. It is perhaps even more relevant in the world we are living in today then it was just two years ago: Have you ever been stuck in a rut thinking, over-analyzing, growing anxious about how far you have to go to reach a goal: how far away you are from the body you always wanted, that elusive muscle up or back squat PR, or

The Mindset Behind Coaching

Written By: Evan Whitemyer   Finding true passion in life is really hard. Every great coach has found a true passion for teaching and mentoring others in the realms of sports, fitness, and health. For me, coaching has always been amazing because I am able to learn about something I love and then share that knowledge with hundreds of people. Knowledge is useless if we never have a conversation about it, share it, or teach it to others. As

Fuel Up: The Best Supplements for CrossFitters

Fuel Up: The Best Supplements For CrossFitters By: Evan Whitemyer   As coaches we are constantly asked questions by athletes and friends such as “what do I eat?” or “how can I make sure I’m putting the right fuel in my body?” One of the biggest parts of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is solid nutrition. Eating well while filling the gaps in our diets can be a big factor in improving our sleep schedule, increasing producti

Total Body Strength: The Best 6 Exercises You’ve Never Done

Written by: Evan Whitemyer CF South Shore L-1 Coach     Throwing hundreds of pounds on a bar and half-repping squats isn’t cool. We are entering a new age of fitness, where moving well and looking good reigns supreme to bro-reps. Functional movements have been proven time and time again to improve posture and increase movement efficiency in our daily lives. It’s time to step outside your comfort zone. As coaches, having o

CrossFit…a technical failure

In CrossFit, everyday you have the chance to improve on something. Whether it’s your time on the workout, a new deadlift PR, or finishing the 2000m Row before your buddy who always seems to crush you. A lot of the movements done in CrossFit have a high level of skill involved when learning them. When these two mix, many make argument that the olympic lifts and other high skill movements along with competing against yourself and others on the le

Don’t Leave Class Without your Cash

Cashing Out - 3 Reasons CrossFitters Should Do More Accessory Work WRITTEN BY: EVAN WHITEMYER Many CrossFitters make the decision to take off right after the METCON or AMRAP in the class programming day in and out, that habit needs to be changed. Believe me, I know the feeling after a workout where you lay down next to the barbell that almost crushed you and all you want is a giant cheeseburger and breath of fresh air, but taking a few minutes

Thriving Through the Holidays

By: Nicholas Sarruda The holiday season is rolling around and for a lot of us it reminds us that there will be much merrier times ahead of relaxation and extra time to be spent with loved ones; but much like your first semester of college, a lot of us tend to accept the fact that gaining a few extra “LB’s” is inevitable. As a trainer, gym owner and someone who refuses to accept bullshit excuses- I just cannot allow myself, or those who com

A Holistic Approach To Well-Being: Balancing Fitness And Self-Care

Written By: Sheila Olson of At the end of a long workday, the last thing you feel like doing is dropping by the gym for a workout or prepping a nutritious meal from scratch. However, evidence shows that a healthy diet and regular physical exercise has health benefits for body and mind alike. How can we integrate fitness into our schedule and make it less of a chore? The answer is to approach self-care in a holistic, whole body fash

Whats In My Gym Bag? 10 Essentials for the Perfect Workout

What’s In My Gym Bag? 10 Essentials For The Perfect Workout By: Evan Whitemyer Owning proper equipment and gear is extremely important for athletes looking to perform at a high level, and it will help you be prepared for any test that you may see in training. This is not a packing list for the gym bag of a Crossfitter, but instead a list of what I keep in my bag that I believe prepares me for every workout.   Shoes: Training,

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